About the Duck

Image courtesy of Chars Pomeranians
          Hi, I'm Alexia! I use way to many smiley faces and exclamation marks, and I love ducks, squirrels, pomeranians, and anything else that I find cute. Which is practically everything.
         I also enjoy writing about current events and international politics. A little bit more serious than squirrels and ducks, but according to the world's feminists I'm allowed to be a 'multi-dimensional' female. Whatever that means.

        I was born far way, in China, to British/Australian parents. I have a younger brother, whom I refer to as Bubbles. He has a bearded dragon named Webber, who is actually quite cute as far as lizards go. We are finally (FINALLY!!!!) going to be getting our first dog in November, a red/apricot labradoodle, whom I have full intentions of naming Fuzzienuffies.
        In my spare time I love reading books and helping out the community. My favorite websites include LearnVestForbes, and whatever other random things I can find on the Internet. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and my crazy thoughts. As my old English teacher would say, !Adios! (oh, the irony. When did English teachers pick up Spanglish?).

Image courtesy of genovic.com

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