Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas

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Bubbles and the pig

My six-year old cousin loves Peppa Pig. Everything she has is Peppa Pig themed: the blankets she sleeps on, the fort she plays in, the clothes she owns. When I was trying to bathe her, the only thing that would get her to cooperate was to bring an episode of Peppa Pig up on my phone. Long story short, she loves Peppa Pig. 

And I really envy her. 

It isn't that I want a Peppa Pig themed fort in my bedroom (I don't), but I do wish I her age. It sounds silly and stupid, given the fact that I'm young myself, but I really want to be a little girl again. I want to be obsessed with Barney and Rainbow Magic. I want to play in the secret park with my brother and live in my custom fairy bedroom. I want to watch silly movies on Christmas Eve with my brother while my parents package presents. I want to not have a care in the world. 

I know that my worries aren't as serious as others. I never have to worry about there not being enough food on the table, or if I won't get any Christmas presents. I can just focus on my schoolwork and my hobbies. Some children can't do that. They have to take care of a hoard of siblings and make sure their drunk parents don't do anything stupid. They feel bad when Christmas Eve rolls around and there's nothing under the tree. 

These are the children that don't want to be children again. They want to grow up and escape from the sad reality.When I think about those children; when I think about how sad they must be, I simply count my blessings and move on. Not this time. 

As far as I’m concerned, all children should enjoy being a child. They should all have at least one memory, whether it be of waking up on Christmas Eve to a red packaged present, or of watching Peppa Pig videos in the bath tub, that they want to go back to and relive. So, in honor of the spirit of Christmas (yes, I do realize it’s only October), I have decided to pledge to send a lovely present to a child. I hope you’ll do the same. 

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P.S: This was the best site I found if you want to do the same as me: World Vision Christmas Donation.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Death & Default

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Protestors protesting against the government's lack of action in Washington D.C.
I've been thinking about death a lot lately. Not in a "I wonder if it hurts" way, but a "Will I go to heaven" way. Truth is, death scares me. Like, hide-in-my-room-with-the-lights-turned-on-and-a-knife-in-my-hand scared. I'm not frightened of the initial pain, because that's over and done with fairly quickly. I'm scared of what will happen to me after I die. Will I, like the Christians believe, go to heaven? Will I become reincarnated? Will I simply cease to exist, my ashes scattered among the dirt for some animal to urinate on (because, let's be honest, even your ashes aren't safe from the wonders of animal waste)? 

The more I think about death, the more I think about how it's like the government default. Much like death, we have no clue what’s going to happen after it happens. Will our economy completely collapse into itself? Will it be like 2008, or God forbid, the 1930s, all over again? Will we continue being able to go to school? Will the states become separate nations? Will we become like an anarchy? Will the world view America as a failure? 

Just in case the worst happens, we need to prepare. Below is your go to guide for the government default. Please enjoy. 
1) Will we die?
I really don’t know. I bet God knows the answers. 

2) Does this mean I don’t have to go to school?
Uh, no. You still have to go to school. Just because the government spent too much time arguing, doesn’t mean you get to skimp on your map final for geography. However, it is possible the government will be forced to cut education spending in half, which could (if you go to a public school) affect your learning experience. 

3) Will we become an anarchy?
No. Many poor countries are intact despite the fact that, they’re, well, poor. We would only become an anarchy if someone tries to over throw the current government. It’s unlikely, but still a possibility. 

There you have it! My amazingly accurate guide to the government default. If you are interested in more serious information, click the links below. 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OMG! It's an Anarchy (And Other Thing's To Worry About)

Today I planned to write a post on Stalin, but all the media frenzy around the government shut down caught my attention . So, instead of my post on Stalin (I promise it will come), I figured I might as well write about all the issues and confusion surrounding the government and Congress. For your  convenience, I even wrote it who, what, when, where, why format. You can thank me later.


The Thoughts of Almost Everyone
 We’re all going to die! America is shutting down! kjlafkdjfkfkaldsf! I wonder if the military is just walking out of battle? Wouldn’t that be HILARIOUS! Wait, maybe not. 
The government is SHUTTING DOWN! I repeat, the government is shutting down!

Actual Information
Who: Congress
What: The US is now an anarchy.
When: Uh, have you not watched the news recently?
Where: America- the Land of the Gun Owning Selfish
Why: The Republicans hate the Democrats


The Thoughts of Almost Everyone
But I don’t wanna’ pay for poor people to live! Can’t they pay for it themselves? Anyways, what does this have to do with me?

Who: You, Obama, Congress, Democrats
What: NASA has been trying to figure that out for while now. Sadly, they can’t now because of the government shut down. 
When: Who knows.
Where: Well, the US military provides it for Afghanistan, so...


The Thoughts of Almost Everyone
Woe is me. I wanna’ job. I went to community college! Doesn’t this mean I deserve one? Working in a shop- that’s below me. After all, I have a degree!  Also, don't my seven and a half children deserve a yard to play in and a golden retriever to be their loyal servant? The government sucks. 

Who: America, per usual
What: The housing bubble popped, the stock market crashed, and it’s all Obama’s fault. 
When: 2008
Where: All around the world
Why: Because we live in a land full of rich folk who steal all of our money.

If you couldn’t tell, that entire post was sarcastic. 99% of Americans are not sincerely worried about the government shut down (although we should be worried about the other 1%), and most Americans are somewhat informed about the housing crisis. Also, I made a personal decision not to write about Syria. I don’t think it’s my place to do so, and I hope you'll consider putting yourselves in the shoes of the Syrians before commenting.

If you want some serious information, I've put some links down below. 
ObamaCare 2

A reminder