Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OMG! It's an Anarchy (And Other Thing's To Worry About)

Today I planned to write a post on Stalin, but all the media frenzy around the government shut down caught my attention . So, instead of my post on Stalin (I promise it will come), I figured I might as well write about all the issues and confusion surrounding the government and Congress. For your  convenience, I even wrote it who, what, when, where, why format. You can thank me later.


The Thoughts of Almost Everyone
 We’re all going to die! America is shutting down! kjlafkdjfkfkaldsf! I wonder if the military is just walking out of battle? Wouldn’t that be HILARIOUS! Wait, maybe not. 
The government is SHUTTING DOWN! I repeat, the government is shutting down!

Actual Information
Who: Congress
What: The US is now an anarchy.
When: Uh, have you not watched the news recently?
Where: America- the Land of the Gun Owning Selfish
Why: The Republicans hate the Democrats


The Thoughts of Almost Everyone
But I don’t wanna’ pay for poor people to live! Can’t they pay for it themselves? Anyways, what does this have to do with me?

Who: You, Obama, Congress, Democrats
What: NASA has been trying to figure that out for while now. Sadly, they can’t now because of the government shut down. 
When: Who knows.
Where: Well, the US military provides it for Afghanistan, so...


The Thoughts of Almost Everyone
Woe is me. I wanna’ job. I went to community college! Doesn’t this mean I deserve one? Working in a shop- that’s below me. After all, I have a degree!  Also, don't my seven and a half children deserve a yard to play in and a golden retriever to be their loyal servant? The government sucks. 

Who: America, per usual
What: The housing bubble popped, the stock market crashed, and it’s all Obama’s fault. 
When: 2008
Where: All around the world
Why: Because we live in a land full of rich folk who steal all of our money.

If you couldn’t tell, that entire post was sarcastic. 99% of Americans are not sincerely worried about the government shut down (although we should be worried about the other 1%), and most Americans are somewhat informed about the housing crisis. Also, I made a personal decision not to write about Syria. I don’t think it’s my place to do so, and I hope you'll consider putting yourselves in the shoes of the Syrians before commenting.

If you want some serious information, I've put some links down below. 
ObamaCare 2

A reminder

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