Saturday, September 14, 2013

Introductory Post & My Favorite Blogs

     I really hate introductions.
     If you go digging through famous bloggers' archives, you'll often find that they, too, have written an introductory post. I always marvel at how different they sound. Bloggers that have a distinct voice seem like they're writing a thesis paper for Harvard (in other words, really, really boring). Sometimes the "Mummy Blogs" will write about their four kids and how cute each and everyone of them is (this is the worst kind of introductory post).
     If you haven't gotten the memo already, I'm going to skip over my introductory post, and just tell you what this blog is about. Which, to be honest, is quite a lot.
  • Cooking/nutrition- I like food, what can I say? Most of the food I eat is fairly healthy, but I really love the coffee macarons from Whole Foods, as well as their citrus covered madelines. Yum! I probably won't post a ton about this, since I haven't had much time to cook as of late, but I really do enjoy it. It's like going to therapy, but better (I've never actually seen a therapist, but whatever).
  • News/International Politics- It doesn't even have to be current, just interesting. I'll share my opinions on stories and issues, as well as do updates on what happened once the news got over the topic.
  • Opinion posts on issues- For example, I might share my thoughts on aboriginal rights in Australia or health care laws in the States versus Canada/the EU Countries. 
Okay! Now that's done (it took me nearly an hour to write all that. An hour. I know, I'm crazy!), we can move onto the second part of my post, which is my favorite blogs. Some of these blogs are fun to read, while others are informative.

Huffington Post
Although it doesn't seem like a blog (it garners over 100 million viewers a month), it is. One of the reasons I really enjoy reading the Huffington Post is its briefness and clarity. I can read in an entire article in two minutes, and understand exactly what's going on, versus the news, which takes over an hour to watch. I hope to add a little more creativity to my blog, but I would like to replicate the easy-to -read format of the Huffington Post. Plus, I wouldn't mind getting that many viewers.

I started reading LearnVest a couple months ago when I stumbled upon it through Forbes's website. I spend a good couple hours reading the articles on there. Most of them have something to do with finances, but many of the posts hit on topics Americans are worried about today. If you haven't yet, and are interested in articles like The High Price of ADHDHow the Tooth Fairy is Making Kids Rich, and The President's New Plan to Make College Affordable, then I would definitely check it out.  Plus, is it just me, or do they not have really interesting article topics? One of my biggest wishes for Lexi the Duck is to write about interesting topics like LearnVest does. We've all heard about Hitler, but how many people know about Stalin's reign?

Oh She Glows
Personally, I would love to go vegan or vegetarian, but I feel really tired and off kilter when I don't eat meat. Still, I love how the writer of this blog takes her pictures. I have a fairly good camera, but my photos never turn out that good!

There you have it! See you next time.


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  1. Haha, this seems like a fun blog! Plus, you seem super funny too, I love your voice!