Friday, March 7, 2014

A Friday in the Life of Alexia

I've been thinking of doing this post for WEEKS now, and I've only just gotten around to it. Basically, the premise is that I'm going to show you what a day in my life looks like, and compare it to that of others around the world. Please note that I'm trying to include snippets of other people's lives that relate to mine, but sometimes I can't find one that's 100% perfect. Also, this is a rough idea of what my day looks like. I might've fudged some details (like times). 

6:17 AM
Dad wakes me up in the mornings, as I am always too sleepy to force myself out of bed. I brush my teeth, do my hair (quickly, I tend to not draw out my hair-care experience like my mum), and throw on the first comfortable thing I see in my closet. After I pack my stuff, I trot upstairs for my oatmeal breakfast. As I'm sitting at the breakfast table I think back on a video I'd watched the night before about the Russians marching into Ukraine. The entire thing seems so remote to me, yet it isn't happening all too far away. Could I do something about Ukraine?

"Everyone loathes getting up in the morning. However, I am not as fussy about it as my brother, who, despite being in medical school, still refuses to set his alarm and depends on the entire household to wake him." - Mahnoor S, Pakistan. 
7:35-9:05 AM
First period I have English class. We spend most of the period discussing To Kill a Mockingbird. In some ways I find it kind of strange that we're tiptoeing around the issue of racism like church mice. I wonder if things would be different if some of us were African American. Then I notice- not one of us is. What is it about race that causes the Honors English class to be filled with white children, whereas "regular" English is primarily made of a mix of ethnic groups? 

"Most citizens of Argentina aged 15 or older can read and write. The country has one of the better educated populations in Latin America. Indeed, education is prized as one of the most important assets people can have."- Country Reports Argentina

9:10-12:20 AM
Math & Human Geography
Second and third periods I have Math and Geography. Math goes by as usual. We are given a partner and a booklet to fill out. Then my math teacher reviews it with us. Human Geography is a little different, as most of our class period is spent discussing the previous night's reading. We always get a little off topic and end up talking about world issues instead. 
This little guy sits on my bed all day!

"Generally, classes are held in classrooms, and occasionally outside for Physical Education and sporting activities, Natural Science laboratories, and Technology. The classes are taught by lecture, and are the only source of information for students who are financially unable to purchase the text"- Marguerite, Foumban

12:20 PM

4:00- 7:00 PM
From 4-7 I do volunteer work at my local hospital with my friend Stella. Usually I go to track before hand, but today I had to go home a little earlier. We ferry food trays from the kitchen to patients, manage the front desk and gift shop, and talk about silly things. I really enjoy my work at the hospital because it means that I get to hang out with Stella and eat lots of good food. But seriously, I do enjoy interacting with patients. Most of them are really nice and bring a smile to my face. 

"After school and on non-school days, we work with the family on domestic and field tasks. With my classmates, we study in the school's library. We study our lessons alone or in a group. We do our homework. Sometimes we take long walks." - Marguerite, Foumban

Well, that's it for today! Sorry today's post is a little longer than usual, I just wanted to be able to flesh out the differences and similarities between my day and that of anothers elsewhere. 

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